Research Day 2018

The Centre for Modern and Contemporary Writing runs an annual Research Study Day with critical papers and creative readings by staff and student members. Recent themes have included ‘Relation’ (2020), ‘Friction’ (2019), ‘Creativity and Serendipity’ (2017), ‘Nature/Nurture’ (2015), ‘Gifts and Debts’ (2014) and ‘A Return to History’ (2013). The theme for 2018 was ‘Immediacy’.

Avenue Building, Lecture Theatre C

Tuesday 23 January 2018

10.00 Welcome

10.15 On Being Attentive

Peter Middleton- What the Deaf Hear in Theory

Mia Taylor- Some Weather, 2017 (narrative film)

Kostas Kaltsas- The deadly art of paying attention: Politics, boredom, and the self in David Foster Wallace’s Oblivion and The Pale King

11.00 Roundtable: Immediacy & the Sovereign Decision

Joseph Owen- On Schmitt

Stephanie Jones- On Derrida

11.30 Coffee

11.45- 12.15 Time Trouble

Stephen Morton- Untimely Meditations on Mediation

Will May- ‘I write this sitting in the kitchen sink’: reading now and then, or what the 1940s says about the 1930s

12.15-1.15 The Bureau, The Business

Jane Birkin- The Administrative Language of the Image (performance)

Jussi Parikka- AMT: Grey Literature and Media Archaeology

Ranka Primorac- Immediacy, Addressivity and the Values for Our Time

1.15- 2.00 Lunch

2.00- 2.45 Time & Faltering Fictions

Nicky Marsh- The Time of the Gift

Kevin Brazil- The Extended Present and the Present Tense Novel

Lian Patston- Deferment of affinity in Chris Kraus and Dana Spiotta

2.45- 3.15 Encounters Immediate & Mediated

Calum Kerr- Done in a Flash! (flash fiction live)

Iain Morrison- Talking Art Talk Notes (performance)

3.15- 3.55 Immediate Relations

Mariana Thomas- ‘Cave Research’: The Need for a Matricentric Narrative

Ronda Gowland-Pryde- Spear Brave: exploring autobiography and notions of the family home

3.55- 4.10 Coffee

4.10- 4.20 That Which is Imminent- Woodrow Kernohan

4.20- 5.00 Bodies Immediate

Joan McGavin- A Murderer Close Up

Harry Warwick- ‘It Cannot Be Grasped Directly’: Media and Mediation in Videodrome

Staff and postgraduate researchers from English, WSA & the John Hansard Gallery are coming together to discuss IMMEDIACY. All are welcome to join the conversation.

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