Our publications reflect our interdisciplinary approaches to researching modern and contemporary writing: its practice, history, performance, reception and theorisation.

Some recent publications from writers involved in the Centre include Nicky Marsh’s Credit culture: the politics of money in the American novel of the 1970s, Kevin Brazil’s Art, History, and Postwar Fiction (2018), Sarah Hayden’s Curious Disciplines: Mina Loy and Avant-Garde Artisthood (2018), Devorah Baum’s Feeling Jewish (A Book for Just about Anyone) (2017) and The Jewish Joke (2017), Peter Middleton’s Physics Envy: American Poetry and Science in the Cold War (2015) and Stephen Morton’s States of Emergency: Colonialism, Literature and the Law (2013). A bilingual edition of Sarah Hayden’s Peter Roehr-Field Pulsations was released in October 2018 and Will May’s edition of Stevie Smith’s Collected Poems and Drawings was published in a new paperback edition by Faber in November 2018. 

Our academics work closely with our creative writers, whose recent works for stage, screen and page include Philip Hoare’s RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR (2017), Devorah Baum’s The New Man (with Josh Appiganesi), Rebecca Smith’s The Jane Austen Writer’s Club (2016) and Carole Burns’, The Missing Woman & Other Stories (2015). Rebecca Smith’s latest book, The Ash Museum, will be out from Bloomsbury in May 2021. 

Many staff members also maintain creative practices or work in collaboration with visual artists, musicians and other creative practitioners. We co-curate festivals and live performances, contribute to art exhibitions and perform our writing live.

All of our individual publications are listed under CMCW staff pages.

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