Kevin Brazil in conversation with Jeremy Atherton Lin about gay club culture for Granta:

Will May talks about Stevie Smith with Juliet Stevenson and Francis Spalding on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row:

Philip Hoare talks about wild swimming on BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking:

Philip Hoare talks about Stephen Tennant on BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking:

Philip Hoare’s RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR is the Book of the Week on BBC Radio 4:

Will May talks on BBC Woman’s Hour about editing the work of Stevie Smith:

Devorah Baum talks about Masculinity on BBC Radio 3’s Free Thinking:

Devorah Baum talks about The New Man, her film with Josh Appiganesi, on BBC’s Newsnight programme:

Devorah Baum talks about Anti-Semitism in Theatre on BBC Radio 4’s Front Row programme:

Rebecca Smith at Writers in Conversation:

Evan Placey at Writers in Conversation:

Carole Burns at Writers in Conversation:

Stephen Morton delivers podcasts on Chinua Achebe:

Peter Middleton gives a reading at Kelly Writers House:

Peter Middleton talks with Charles Bernstein about his book The Inward Gaze: Masculinity & Subjectivity in Modern Culture

Joseph Owen on The Modernist Podcast:

Sarah Hayden reads poems for The Archive of the Now:

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