The Department of English at Southampton offers a dynamic research environment for all who are drawn to the study of modern and contemporary literature.

Our particular strengths lie in our interdisciplinary approaches to writing and culture, with staff at the Centre forging new ways of thinking about the connections between contemporary literature and the sciences, law, aesthetics, space, maritime studies, ethics, medicine, finance, Jewishness, visual culture, popular culture, gender, music, postcolonialism, critical theory, politics and philosophy. Recognised by major external grants and published at the highest levels internationally, our research projects are shaping public policy, cultural landscapes, and critical debates.

We are committed to engaging academics, researchers and public audiences in the literary production of our time. Coming from many different perspectives, and bringing diverse critical attitudes to bear on a vast array of topics, we work together to foster engagement and stimulate interest in the writing and critical reading of contemporary literature.

You can find details here about our Members, Ongoing Events, Visiting Researchers & Writers, as well as news about our Entropics and Writers in Conversation reading series, Reading Group, annual Research Day, Externally-funded Projects and Collaborations.

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